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In the Maori and Hawaiian language, Wahine means “Woman” and “Goddess”

Which of these statements speaks to you:

  • I am excited when I think about doing my great work in ways that help the world and earn me an income – a generous, life-changing income.  And I want to stop saying sorry about wanting that.
  • I currently have a career that I feel stuck in.  I’m searching for real ways that I can either re-invigorate my career or commit to another path that allows me to live my life on purpose.
  • I am a really smart, successful wahine by anyone else’s judgment – but I feel like I’m still missing something – whether it be the proper mindset, business tools and/or moxie (action) associated to achieve what I consider “really successful”.
  • I am crazy busy – a woman of many responsibilities and expectations – and I say YES way too much to things that are not serving my life + business goals.
  • I wish I experienced the beauty of nature or connection to my surroundings more.  I realize that having that connection to the planet is a key ingredient to success.  And it’s sexy too.
  • I want to hang out with really amazing women who dream big with me and who believe with me that what I really want is limitless.  I am open to the wisdom of other wahine who want to help me create the wealth (in life + business) that I so desire.
  • I want to feel strong in my body, mind and spirit so that I can sustain the energy needed to run a successful business and help me deal any challenge that comes my way.
  • I want a space that gives me permission to dream BIG and create a solid, feel-good option plan that is directly linked to the results I want.
  • I adore delicious food, calming spa and meditative treatments, yoga and pampering.  Oh, and swag bags too.
  • I am willing to invest in ME to achieve the wisdom, wealth and winning strategies for a fabulous life, all in one life-changing weekend – receiving guidance from an acclaimed business mentor and life coach, luxuriating in magical Maui, so that I can live a stunning life.

If any (or all) of the above statements speak to you, then the time to answer how to live that stunning life is now. Join me from June 29- July 1 at the Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend and step into your greatness.

 You’re a wahine that has:

  • A dream so big, so brilliant, so breathtaking – but you have no idea how to bring it to reality;
  • Been thinking a lot about doing something about creating more wealth, but you feel stuck and too busy to move on your mission.
  • Your eye on increasing and uplifting your Triple Bottom Line – Profit, People and Planet.  Because you know that you know that you know that you’re a part of the change.

Then, you have all the stuff that you need to bring to (Wisdom + Wealth).

 You’re a wahine that wishes:

  • That it could really be that simple;
  • You could dedicate the time and work with a guide that will help you clarify a crisp alignment between your purpose and the action it’s going to take to get there;
  • You could jam with a group of soul sisters – wahine that “get” you, lift you up and hold your vision with you;
  • That you could do the work and enjoy it at the same time in a magical environment set up specifically for your wisdom + wealth success; and
  • Elevating your life and income was absolutely possible.

Then, your wishes can come true at (Wisdom + Wealth).

 You’re a wahine who is:

  • A high performer. You’re known for keeping commitments, being result-oriented (you get ‘er done!) and have a reputation for being really good at what you do;
  • Someone who others regard as a natural leader.  You are the go-to maven in your circle of influence;
  • Super ready to stop paying the prices you’re currently paying – in both money and time – and finally commit to that unfinished business holding you back;
  • Sexy, and you know it; and
  • On this page because you want ALL OF THIS.

Then, you’re set up for success at (Wisdom + Wealth).

Join me in gorgeous Maui, Hawaii from June 29 to July 1 for an immersive, powerful weekend dedicated to you, your wisdom, and your wealth.  Here’s the truth:  the world needs more powerful, authentically conscious women, and this is a call to you to step into what’s rightfully yours.  That’s right, you deserve it, and it’s not just all about business.  It’s about passion, mindset, and the balance of the push and the pull.  When you find the mixology that is specific to your life – you’re a winning wahine.

I’m ready to join you in Maui and step into my greatness!


If you’re still wondering if it’s really important for you to uplevel your true wahine, then take it from one of the most influential leaders on the planet:

“The world will be saved by the Western woman” ~ the Dalai Lama


What You’re Getting at Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend

Your Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend experience includes 3 days of rejuvenation + attention + results.   Besides the activities we have lined up that feed your life + business success, we’ve also built in ample YOU-time so you can use your own quiet moments as you please.  And it wouldn’t be an event that I’m part of without a fabulous soiree.  So on the last day we’re together, we’ll enjoy a party dedicated to you, wine and goodies guaranteed.

Wahine Weekend

Register to join us at Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend.   If you are ready to bring it, click on the orange button below and answer a few questions.  These are designed to dig in to what you really want, determine what success looks like to you, and helps me “mix” a specific program uniquely for your benefit, alongside the other wahine who immerse with us.


The Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend is being held at place that can only be described as utterly magical.  We’ve partnered with the brand new, absolutely fabulous Lumeria Maui, Hawaii’s newest luxury educational retreat. 

Wahine Weekend

I’ve chosen Lumeria Maui because it offers the environment we need to do the work.  Lumeria is located just outside of Paia on the North Shore of Maui, close to world-renowned beaches and famous surf spots. It offers a nourishing living campus of relaxing beauty and Hawaiian wisdom.

Restored historic buildings—with luxurious common areas and accommodations, along with spectacular island and ocean vistas—have been designed to envelop you in an intimate, authentic environment. You’ll wander through organic gardens, the same gardens that will feed us at their first class dining facilities.

Sounds delicious, yes?

Wahine Weekend

Tuition: $1100 all-inclusive for 3 days and 2 nights of the Wisdom + Wealth business program, a luxurious room with all the amenities, all meals, massage therapy as well as daily yoga, meditation room and activity access.

Wahine Weekend

Special exciting offer for a limited time!  We know how much support means to a growing, thriving business and career.  So we’re thrilled to have a special BOGO (buy one get one 50% off) for wahine who want to bring a bestie or biz partner.*  But, there are only a few slots available for this special offer.  Pool your resources together and make the Weekend yours. (both wahine must apply using the link below).  In fact, if you qualify for the offer, you’re basically getting your room and meals for free.  The BOGO offer expires May 11, 2012.

Wahine Weekend

You won’t find another value that offers all of the learning and living we’ll be doing.  Together.  So what are you waiting for?  Click below and join your fellow wahine leaders and get your wisdom + wealth on:


What to Expect at Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend

I envision you leaving the Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend feeling highly energized, with clarity of strength and purpose, and having identified several powerful (yet simple) strategies that you will apply to you now and far into your future, enhancing your fulfillment, impact and success.  The special relationships you create are likely to continue for years and help you to best serve your family, your business, your community and the planet.

When was the last time you had an opportunity to join a motivated, inspired sister circle and form a specific plan that will help you make more money and feel more of more doing what you were intended to do?

Goosebumps right?  I have them too.

You know when I feel inwardly beautiful?
When I am with my girlfriends and we are having a ‘goddess circle’. ~ 
Jennifer Aniston


My personal commitment to you includes:

  • Attention + Intention. You will receive highly individualized attention within a small group experience (17 participants, max). I will be accessible all 3 days and you will also have one-on-one time with me during the Weekend.  We’ll be spending a minimum of 25 hours of life + business education while there.  My private coaching clients pay up to $2,750 for much less time with me, without the luxury + connection this Weekend provides.
  • Sacred Space.  You don’t have to worry about sharing with an open heart.  Because one of the agreements everyone will commit to is confidentiality of each other’s stories.
  • No Judgment.  Part of the work includes digging in deep to what’s holding you back from some of the things you really, really want.  You can be confident that you won’t be ostracized for anything.  Your job is to bring your dream.  My job is to get your dream realized, without judgment.
  • Classic “Jen Don’t Lie” Moments.  I’m known for my direct style, and it’s wrapped in authentic caring and truthful feedback – because you deserve that.  I will be keeping it real.  All, in service of you.
  • Serenity Now.  Your Weekend will take place on a six-acre property comprised of five lodge-style buildings offering luxurious rooms, each individually designed with ocean views. The intimately designed environment facilitates deep relaxation, inner peace and tranquility, with serene meditation gardens, exquisitely designed facilities and surrounded by acres of tropical and edible organic gardens.  It’s simply a terrific space to open up your greatness.
  • Fabu Life Experiences.  My company’s motto is “Make your life your business now.”  By investing in the Wahine Wisdom + Wealth Weekend, you’re going to get the full-on fabu experiences we’re known for, including nourishing meals, therapeutic modalities and keeping it sexy and fun with a soiree in your honor on the last evening there.  Fabu-style.


Wahine Weekend

Are you joining us for probably one of the best weekends of your life?  Then click on the fancy circle:


Questions? Answer the six simple questions on the registration page and I will call you within 24-48 hours to discuss any questions you have.


Expecting Results?  I do too. Let me tell you about me, your host + guide all weekend.

Jennifer KemI’m Jennifer Kem, business mentor to modern entrepreneurs, and the creator of The Fabu Life.  I specialize in helping women make their life their business.  And I’m into helping you do that Now.

I’m no stranger to creating brands that have launched products in the million-dollar plus category.  I don’t tell you this to brag, but to let you know that by investing in any program I offer that you can be confident that you’re going to get more than you pay for.

I’ve worked with fashionistas, accountants, life coaches, health & wellness practitioners, non-profits and corporate executives.

My clients and students have heard me say this:  “You’re not in the business of your business.  You’re in the business of marketing your business.”  Marketing Mixology is my personal mojo and I want to give it all to you.  In one weekend.

Let’s go change the world by changing your world.


If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want
and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results. ~ Tony Robbins


I am so excited to share with you two of my soul sisters who will bringing their own special genius at Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend.


Vasavi Kumar – Life Coach, Keeping-it-Real Guru (

Vasavi KumarFor years, Vasavi Kumar has been transforming the conversation that her clients have with themselves and others. After battling with a medical diagnosis for 10 years, and allowing that to define the perception of herself, she now knows one thing for sure after overcoming adversity…that only you can define YOU!

A certified life coach and transformational speaker on topics including: Engaging the SOURCE of Your Success, Mastering the Whelm, and Getting Beyond Your Upper Limit, Vasavi works with individuals on a journey of self-discovery to propel their life, career and mind-body-spirit well-being to the next level and beyond. She has a particular passion for working with women entrepreneurs and the integration of their personal and professional success.

Vasavi is the Host of the weekly radio talk show Deep Talk, which can be heard live on Sundays at 11am CST at Deep Talk features transformational thought leaders such as Lisa Nichols, John Gray, Nealde Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sonia Choquette, and Arielle Ford.   She is also a contributing author in the book Succeeding in Spite of Everything, due out in summer of 2012.

Her commitment is to keep it real.  Just pure transformation.


Brandi Mitchell – Visual Branding Expert, Celebrity Stylist, Image Maker (

BrandiBrandi Mitchell has fast become regarded as the “image maker” and visual brand strategist for experts and entrepreneurs across the country when they want to take their image to the next level and establish their brands in their fields.

For 20 years, Brandi has been a celebrity makeup and hair artist having been key in developing the images of actors, models, singers, and corporate executives throughout the country. Known for making people look polished and naturally beautiful, her work can be seen in magazines, television, film, and on some of your favorite celebrities.

Brandi’s guiding philosophy is that everyone who has or is developing a platform is a celebrity in their field of expertise, and therefore they need the same level of celebrity grooming, training, and platform building to solidify and further their expertise and business. With that revelation, Brandi services authors, speakers, coaches, corporate executives and entrepreneurs that are launching out in their careers, and need to have a total visual image to match or exceed their business success, increase their credibility, and opportunities for exposure.


At Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend, women looking to uplevel their mindset and own personal brand will get the benefit of one-on-one time with Vasavi and Brandi.  Priceless.

I am truly honored to have them join us, in service of you.


Final Thoughts…and my wish for you.

If your “gut” is telling you this retreat is for you, but your mind is coming up with other reasons why not, here’s the first thing you need to know about successful people – their intuition is their sure-fire power tool in their business.

We’ll be teaching you how to turn your intuition antenna on HIGH to spark your idea into stratospheric dimensions.  It’s really worth the price of admission.  It’s actually priceless.

I also believe that when you have full and pure intention on something you want, taking action activates your forward progress in the best way possible to help you get what you want.  So, if you really want to join us at the Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend, fill out the application below.  You’ll be amazed at what happens.

Payment isn’t submitted until I review your application and we have a 15-20 minute chat on what you want to accomplish and how I intend to support you in getting there. 

I think you’ll find that the simple act of filling out the application will create a positive domino effect on the path to achieving your goals.

When we jointly agree that Wahine Wisdom + Wealth Weekend is for you, you’ll be sent all the rest of the information for the weekend’s activities as well as payment information.  If money is one of the things coming up as an issue, let’s talk about it.  You may be surprised at what we can do together to work it out. 

Remember:  Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend is an investment in YOU.  You are your best asset.

I leave you with the following thoughts to consider.  If you desire to:

  • Have success with less stress.
  • Find courage in creating and nourishing great relationships.
  • Take your business or career to the next level.
  • Love your body, quiet your mind.
  • Accept that money is glorious and that you deserve it.  And set yourself up to consistently receive it.

…then you bring the what, and we’ll show you the how.


And one last reminder of what you get when you join us at Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend (your tuition covers ALL of this!):

  • 3 Days, 2 Nights at the new Lumeria Luxury Educational Retreat Center, in gorgeous Makawao, Maui, with a personal suite just for you;
  • Delicious farm-to-table meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • Full access to yoga and meditation facilities;
  • Your choice of 1 sumptuous spa treatment:   Hawaiian Lomi Lomi,  Swedish, Pohaku Wela Hot Stone or Reflexology massage;
  • Minimum of 25 hours of personal business training from mentor Jennifer Kem, focused specifically on raising your wealth quotient – both financially as well as spiritually, including topics such as:
    • How to Turn your Passion into Profit and Ditch the Fear of Leaving Your Day Job (or Switching Your Business Focus)
    • The 7-Step Mindset, Marketing and Moxie Plan to Reinvent Your Life & Business
    • The Real Secrets of Becoming Unapologetically Fabulous (and Why that’s Really the Key to Making More Money and Living a Super Fabulous Life)
    • How to Create a Profitable Personal Brand – The Modern Entrepreneur’s Way
    • The Signature Fabu LIVE! Business Makeover – each wahine will receive a personal makeover and blueprint for their business.  (this one is priceless, ladies!);
    • A fabulous party on the last night, in celebration of your life and business – wine, laughter and possibly singing (if you’re game) will be involved;
    • Swag bag of super goodies (trust me, this won’t be a plastic bag full of coupons);
    • Some surprises that I promise will delight your senses (we have to keep some mystery so just trust me on this); and,
    • Priceless interaction with other fabulous wahine who will most likely become your greatest supporters and part of your growth network.


“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

It’s your time to shine, my dear wahine.  And, you absolutely deserve it.

See you in Maui, and Aloha!

Jen Signature


P.S.  Don’t wait, because the Wahine (Wisdom + Wealth) Weekend will sell out.  There are only 17 spots available, and 7 are already accounted for!

P.S.+  Did you know that many organizations allocate certain training dollars for professional and leadership development?  You may qualify for reimbursement, and you’ll never know unless you ask.  At the minimum, there are tax benefits to investing in education for your business.  Consult your tax professional to see if this applies to you.

* Those that qualify for the BOGO offer must be willing to share a room with their fellow participant.  Shared rooms have the same luxurious surroundings with two queen beds, instead of a singular king.